Let's give them something to smile about...

Curing Homesickness 2021

01 Apr 2021

We are so excited to be a part of Curing Homesickness for a third year!

Funds raised from last year’s campaign supported the purchase of Smileyscopes for paediatric patients. They have become Play Therapist Jemma’s trusty side-kick.

The state-of-the-art virtual reality goggles give paediatric patients the opportunity to escape their hospital surrounds and enter worlds far away, beyond the clinical environment, the rounds of medication and the anxiety that sometimes comes with their treatment.

Patients can pop the goggles on and straight away they’re diving deep into the ocean to discover beautiful sea-life, on adventures flying through the night sky, or sitting in a cosy living room surrounded by kittens. These moments of escape bring reprieve, often causing the child to “ooh” and “ahh” over their newfound surroundings.

Play Therapist Jemma offer Smileyscopes to children who she can see are distressed or despondent.

One such patient is April, who has been in hospital for over a week.

“A very long week,” emphasises her mum.

This morning when Jemma visited April, she was visibly uncomfortable and in pain.

As soon as the Smileyscopes were on, April’s whole demeanour changed. Her focus was no longer on her pain, but instead on the cute kittens climbing around her.

“We’re so grateful to have access to this innovative equipment,” says Jemma. “To give patients the opportunity to escape and feel excited, even for just a few minutes, is so important, and can do wonders to support their treatment and healing process. It wouldn’t be possible without the support of Coles and Curing Homesickness , thank you so much!”

This week Coles launched a new product - Mum's Sause Pizza Sauce, with 50c from the sale every bottle going towards initiatives like the Smileyscopes.

If delicious sauce isn't your thing, until the 11th May, you can also purchase a $2 Curing Homesickness Card from Coles to show your support! The best bit? All funds raised in Canberra will support initiatives at the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children.