Illness won't
stop for a pandemic.
You can help vulnerable
patients seeking healthcare

Being ill or injured is stressful at any time. Now is truly difficult for patients.
They need your kindness.

The coronavirus crisis has touched everyone and has left lives devastated. It has created extra hardship and heartache for patients seeking healthcare. The added impact of a health pandemic makes healing harder, both for patients and their families. Measures to protect vulnerable patients involve reducing and restricting visits from loved ones, and social distancing prevents the healing powers of touch and companionship.

You are part of the solution. You have the power to ease the suffering of patients and their families with your gift.

Your donation will help fund new innovative therapies and technology that will support patient wellbeing while keeping them safe. You can help to make a difference. Babies, children, adults of every age, and those who are nearing the end of their lives, your gift today will help them all.

Please make a donation to our Canberra Hospital Foundation 2020 Tax Appeal.

Help honour Mike's legacy

Wendy Saclier lost her beloved husband, Mike, to COVID-19 and this virus took our dear supporter. Longstanding heroes of Canberra Hospital Foundation, Wendy and Mike raised thousands in 12 years to support paediatrics. It’s heartbreaking that Mike was Canberra’s first coronavirus fatality.

Mike bravely fought the virus in hospital, separated from his wife and grown children. And after his death, Wendy had no choice but to grieve alone —ordered to self-isolate at home. Mike’s eventual funeral was conducted via Zoom, on what was sadly, the couple’s 53rd wedding anniversary.

No one could have imagined Mike's incredible life would end like this.

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How Mike and Wendy made a difference

Dr Tony Lafferty, Paediatric Endocronologist at the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children reflects on the impact of Mike and Wendy's loyal support.