No matter what you CAN GIVE you can be life giving.  Here are some champions fundraising to support CAN GIVE DAY right now!

In support of CAN GIVE DAY, health care teams across Canberra are coming together to raise funds in support of Canberra Hospital Foundation.

Canberra Hospital Foundation is absolutely invaluable for our patients. They do all of the things that just make patients’ time that little bit easier. When you’re dealing with cancer, there’s a lot of confronting things. If the experience can be made a little bit softer, a little bit more supportive, through things like a wellbeing centre, it makes a really big difference to the patients and their carers. ~ Caroline McIntyre, Canberra Region Cancer Centre

Top fundraisers in the CAN GIVE TEAM CHALLENGE

Senior Health Leader Contest

Executives at Canberra Health Services are showing their support by entering the CAN GIVE Champion Contest!


This Thursday 26th November, join the Canberra Hospital Foundation for Can Give Walk - a walk around Lake Burley Griffin raising funds to support patients at Canberra Health Services. It's free to register! Raise $100 and you'll receive a complimentary CAN GIVE DAY tshirt on the day!


Top Walk Fundraisers

CAN GIVE Community Challenge

Canberrans are creating their own do-it-yourself fundraising events to help support patients and their families!


Top Community Fundraisers

A big thank you to everyone in the Canberra community supporting CAN GIVE DAY!