On Friday 29 October, thank Canberra’s healthcare heroes and assist exceptional patient care by supporting CAN GIVE DAY.

CAN GIVE DAY is a “Festival of Giving”, a day to celebrate helping others and to make a difference. It’s a 24-hour fundraising campaign for Canberra Hospital Foundation, supported by matched donations, individual and team fundraising, and virtual events that brings the Canberra community together.



Right now, our healthcare workers are on the frontlines of battling the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that spread rapidly throughout Canberra and the nation. They are putting themselves in the path of this virus. Our doctors, nurses, technicians, transporters, EMTs, pharmacists and everyone who supports patient care are rising to the occasion and caring for our most vulnerable patients.

To date, Canberra Hospital Foundation has delivered more than 2000 wellbeing kits to healthcare heroes on the COVID-19 frontline. You can help us reach all 7000.

There are many ways you can give—sing your heart out, create a LEGO masterpiece, host your own fundraiser or make a gift to send a message to a special healthcare hero right now. No matter how you can give - you will be life giving.


Coronavirus creates extra hardship and heartache for patients who are ill or injured. They need your kindness.

CAN GIVE DAY helps all patients —babies, children, teenagers, people with cancer, while being treated at home, the injured in recovery, and those nearing the end of life. There are extra demands on a patient's well-being and comfort during pandemic with visitor restrictions. Canberra Hospital Foundation funds items that relieve boredom, toys for children and equipment that aids the delivery of treatment.

And almost every person, at some point in their life, needs public health care. Canberra Hospital Foundation supports the more than 500,000 people who are hospitalised or receive treatment in Canberra each year, beyond the coronavirus outbreak; patients of all ages, all illnesses, each area of care they need. With your support, Canberra Hospital Foundation can help every patient in some way.

What difference can I make?

Helping Canberra Hospital Foundation on CAN GIVE DAY will:

  • show your support for our healthcare heroes during the pandemic,
  • buy equipment that will support COVID-19 patient care,
  • bring smiles to patients with a visit from the Delta Dogs Therapy Program,
  • keep a patient’s partner at their side for the final time by funding cuddle beds,
  • support more patients to access cancer trials,
  • fund advanced rehabilitation robotics, and
  • train doctors on surgical techniques for children with cutting-edge resources.

The Cuddle Bed allows room for a patient's partner, parent, child or other loved one to lay next to them, creating reconnection both physically and emotionally. This helps the patient feel calm, relieves anticipatory grief, and can give a sense of peace in preparation for the final journey.

This is a cuddle bed. It has room for a patient's loved one to stay close.

What impact did CAN GIVE DAY have in 2020?

Last year’s CAN GIVE DAY raised $315,000 and funded 14 new items and services for patients including: 

  • $133,255 to Student training for a Paediatric HAL advanced patient simulator
  • $2,400 to Emergency Department for a brochure to assist non English speaking patients  
  • $3,828 to Pathology for Recliner Chairs for pregnant patients 
  • $4,159 to Adolescent Mental Health for a Day Service Programs 
  • $134,000 to Cardiology for a Portable Cardiac Ultrasound Machine 
  • $10,296 to Brindabella Rehab Service for a Cough Assist Machine 
  • $2,553 to University of Canberra Hospital for a Virtual Reality program for occupational deprivatio

A big thank you to our Supporters

The real heroes who are kindly helping us achieve our goal


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