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In 2021, Canberra Hospital Foundation is bringing CAN GIVE DAY to you and your team.  

Sign up under your work area with your teammates.
Once signed up, look out for acts of kindness Get a CAN GIVE DAY surprise

CAN GIVE DAY is an annual 24-hour 'festival of giving' and Canberrans are invited to give donations or raise funds in gratitude of the exceptional patient care delivered by healthcare teams across Canberra Health Services. This year, CAN GIVE DAY will have more virtual events and online activities, celebrities and competitions — all to put the fun in fundraising and to keep us COVID-safe.

This year has meant bigger challenges, extra hours and greater worries, and you may not be able to commit to fundraising for CAN GIVE DAY.  If you can and want to fundraise or make a donation, Canberra Hospital Foundation can help with your ideas and keep the process simple.

Canberra Hospital Foundation is your charity.

Canberra Hospital Foundation is the endorsed charity for public health delivered through Canberra Health Services. Donations to CAN GIVE DAY uplifts the patient experience and enhances their wellbeing. The funds raised will transform away from bed spaces, purchase state-of-the-art treatment technology and equipment, and support clinical trials and therapeutic wellness programs for patients and healthcare teams.

Last year’s CAN GIVE DAY raised $315,000 and funded 14 new items and services for patients including: 

  • $133,255 to Student training for a Paediatric HAL advanced patient simulator 
  • $2,400 to Medicine ED for a brochure to assist non English speaking patients  
  • $3,828 to Pathology for Recliner Chairs for pregnant patients 
  • $4,159 to Adolescent Mental Health for a Day Service Programs 
  • $134,000 to Cardiology for a Portable Cardiac Ultrasound Machine 
  • $10,296 to Brindabella Rehab Service for a Cough Assist Machine 
  • $2,553 to UCH for a Virtual Reality program for occupational deprivation