Contestant must have roots in Canberra

Contestant sets up a profile with a photo, bio and minimum of one recorded performance (this will be a link to a YouTube or Facebook video, the privacy setting for the video link must be set to public.)

The Audition page you create can display a stage name, or the name of the performer if they are under 16 and registered by a parent.

Songs will be for a wide general audience; no musical genre is excluded but must not have explicit lyrics and content

Cover songs are accepted; however, the accompaniment must be performed or recorded by the contestant (or created for the contestant)- no pro backing tracks

Canberra Hospital Foundation will have permission to share videos, photos, posts and messages created by the for CAN GIVE DAY Live by the contestant for the purpose of promoting the event and future CAN GIVE DAY events

Contestant agrees to raise donations for Canberra Hospital Foundation during auditions and the finale

Contestants must be available for promotion and interviews

Contestants who are under the age of 18 years old on the date of entry must have parent or guardian approval to enter the Competition

Canberra Hospital Foundation has the right to disqualify any contestant that would misrepresent the charity, damage reputation or does not represent the values of the Foundation.

The decision to disqualify any individual is final and there is no right of appeal. For the avoidance of doubt, a disqualified contestant will not be eligible for any prize.



Auditions - Judging will be completed by Canberra Hospital Foundation and its agents based on quality of performance, originality, audience reach of performance and donations received.

Finale - 50% judges’ vote and 50% total donations raised. Judges will rank performances from 1 to 8 and donation totals will be ranked 1 to 8, with the lowest total score being declared the winner. In the event of a tie, the contestant with the highest donation total will win.

All decisions are final.


The winner will receive:

$2000 via bank transfer

A paid spot on the line up of an upcoming summer concert.

Fee payable subject to market value and negotiations but not less than $2000.

Canberra Hospital Foundation has the right to reject any artist conditions

Concert subject to health measures and feasibility

A mentoring session with Leo Sayer, with arrangements at his discretion.