Q: How do I make a donation?

A: A donation can be made online, over the phone, by cheque, by direct deposit or at the Canberra Hospital Foundation Shopfront in the Foyer of the Canberra Hospital.

For details visit our other ways to give page


Q: Will my donation be tax deductible?

A: Donations over $2.00 to the Canberra Hospital Foundation Deductible Gift Recipient Account (DGR) are 100% tax deductible.


Q: Can donors decide how to use their gift?

A:  Donors can identify their area of interest and then work with the staff of the Canberra Hospital Foundation to create the most effective way to meet their objectives. 


Q: Will my donation be paying for services that should be funded by government?

A: The staff of the Canberra Hospital Foundation will seek to identify causes and objects for funding that provide maximum benefit to our community.


Q: How can I be sure my donation is managed prudently?

 A: Your donation will be managed by Canberra Hospital Foundation staff in accordance with relevant statutory, legal and accounting requirements. The Deductible Gift Recipient Bank Account is subject to a rigorous set of governance principles and is audited by the Australian Capital Territory Auditor-General.  


Q How can I find out what events are being held for the Foundation?

A: All up and coming events are listed on the Canberra Hospital Foundation website and on the Canberra Hospital Foundation Facebook page www.facebook.com/CanberraHospitalFoundation. Alternatively you can contact us for more information. 


Q: How do I make the Canberra Hospital Foundation a beneficiary of my event?

A: Simply contact us and the Canberra Hospital Foundation staff will be more than happy to discuss your event with you. There are a number of ways the Canberra Hospital Foundation can help you with organising and promoting your event.


Q: I would rather people make a donation to Canberra Hospital Foundation than send flowers to a family members funeral.  How do I arrange this?

A: Simply contact us and our staff will arrange for a supply of special “In memoriam” envelopes to be posted directly to the Funeral Director. We are also able to advise the family of the total amount of donations received.


Q: How do I make a bequest?

If you would like to make a bequest to the Canberra Hospital Foundation, it is important that your will is worded to reflect your wishes.  If you would like a copy of some suggested wording, please contact us or visit our Bequests page. The Canberra Hospital Foundation also recommends that you seek legal advice prior to making your will.