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CAN GIVE DAY 2022 Big Wig Challenge

ONE BIG DAY TO GIVE BACK! Please support me, help change lives...

This CAN GIVE DAY I am fundraising for the Big Wig Challenge! As part of a select group of community leaders, I pledge to abseil down a building at Canberra Hospital on Friday 21st October. But first I must raise a $10,000 Entry Fee. It's all for a great cause!

If you want to see me take the leap, please donate to my Fundraising Page, or that of my Team, to ensure I meet the target.

I want to give patients and their families comfort, understanding and hope through their time in hospital or during treatment, and acknowledge the hard work and dedication of Canberra’s healthcare teams.

You can donate to me and help support exceptional patient care for people in our community, which includes the surrounding region. 

Funds raised go to support research, therapeutic programs, transformations of away-from-bed areas, and the purchase of speciality medical equipment, which enhances the patient experience throughout the year.

Please support my fundraising by making a tax-deductible donation to the Canberra Hospital Foundation for CAN GIVE DAY.

My Updates

Why I'm hurling herself off Canberra Hospital in the name of charity

Tuesday 4th Oct

I often get asked what led me to start HerCanberra, and it's hard to distil the answer into a 25-second soundbite, because the reality is that it wasn't just me as a savvy businesswoman thinking, 'hey, I've got an idea' was the result of a very traumatic personal journey.

In June 2008, 25 weeks pregnant with my second child, I walked out of my office door one Monday afternoon and I never went back. Due to pregnancy complications, I was urgently admitted to Canberra Hospital, where I spent the next six weeks on bed rest, before our beautiful Sophia Rose was born at 30 weeks.

She was tiny, weighing just 1.43 kg, and couldn't breathe on her own.

For 71 days after her birth, we called Canberra Hospital home. We had good and bad days. A lot of heartwrenching days hoping for some improvement. We watched countless other babies get better and go home, and there were times when I didn’t think we would ever leave. But, eventually, nearly four months after I was first admitted, we did.

The first two years were tough. Sophia came home with chronic lung disease—a cold for any other kid spelled pneumonia for her. So, even though we got her home, she needed five medications per day to keep her well. And we spent a whole lot more time in Canberra Hospital.


The Canberra Hospital team saved Sophia's life. We would not have our darling girl if it wasn't for their dedicated, expert care. And that—in a nutshell—is why I'm hurling myself off a building in the name of charity later this month.

I'll be abseiling down the side of Building 8 on Hospital Road on 21 October as part of Canberra Hospital Foundation's CAN GIVE DAY Big Wig Challenge—it's all about raising funds to support the wellbeing of frontline teams, important research, refurbishments, and programs to support patient care.

Am I terrified? Yep. But honestly? Climbing down a (very) tall building is honestly nothing compared to what we went through 14 years ago.

My aim is to raise $10,000. Will you help me get there? You can support my fundraising by making a tax-deductible donation to the Canberra Hospital Foundation.

CAN GIVE DAY is a 24-hour fundraising sprint to support the delivery of exceptional patient care for people in our community, which includes the surrounding region.

This year's CAN GIVE DAY promises to be a fun-filled day with favourite activities returning such as the WYCH Bedpan Olympics and BreastScreen Australia’s Decorate A Bra Competition, as well as the MasterCook Challenge that will see four top cooks compete, with three challenges to test their skill and grit!

Funds raised go to support clinical trials and medical research in Canberra, therapeutic and supportive programs, transformations of away-from-bed areas, and the purchase of speciality medical equipment, which enhances the patient experience throughout the year.

Want to see me jump off a building?

Throw some cash my way by donating at!

So, it's been...quite the week

Friday 14th Oct
Remember in last week's article I told you all about the considerable time our family has spent in Canberra Hospital? Wellll, I wasn't expecting to find myself back there the very next day.

A rather nasty injury to my hand saw me spend the night in ED and then in Plastics the next day, where I was neatly stitched up. The universe works in mysterious ways.

So, I've been a little quiet in my fundraising for the last week because - quite frankly - I wasn't sure if I'd be able to fulfil my abseiling destiny. But today I got the all clear! 

So, pending my successful completion of my familiarisation session and safety briefing, it will be all systems go next Friday.

If you were sitting on the fence about donating, surely a night in ED, more stitches than I care to count, a whole lot of pain AND abseiling down a Canberra Hospital building is worth a few dollars?

My Supporters


Jamie Wilson


Liz And John Baker


Team Bar Beirut

Our little guy had life-saving surgery at The Canberra Hospital when he was just 21 days old. He received such outstanding care, and we were supported by an incredible team of nursing and support staff. We hope they raise bucketloads through this fundraiser! All the best with the jump, Amanda!!


Drew Baker



Your altruism has really reached new heights, I think this will make a great storey!


Jess Salvage



You. Are. Amazing!


Annette Nel

You’re amazing, Amanda!


Nicole Mahar

You’ve got this! The very same people that looked after Soph probably looked after our Harry and Maggie too. So thankful!


Julie - Dance Central

You are awesome & inspirational in every sense! Get it super woman! 💪🏼❤️‍🔥 Xx


Martina Males

Anything that can contribute to help the hospitals and those teams who work relentlessly within is worthy of supporting!


Paul Chamberlin

Strap yourself in and be careful up there!


Sam Webster

Congratulations on doing this and a worthy cause.


Laura Pepps

You got this! Such a good cause xx


Claudia D

Such a great effort, and such a big heart! xx


Michael Sterling


Hayley Molloy

You are AMAZING!!!


Hannah Baker


Bea Smith

You are amazing and inspire me every single day ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️




Astrida Upitis

A good life is a life which continues to ‘give back’. Go Amanda!


Sheila Rowley

You are amazing as ever!


Daniel Barley


Senti Famiky


Aunty Heather

Congratulations on your courage and tenacity for a wonderful cause.


Georgie Burgess


Rhodes Family

Well done lovely!


Beth Baldwin

What a great cause - hope you make your target ;-)


Kylie J

Cheering you on!


Eve Jones

Go you amazing woman!


Everybody Dance Fitness

You are amazing 🤩


Julia Ahrens

You're an inspiration, Amanda!!


Lou Dalglish

Go you good thing!


Monica Derrick

Good luck! Your support when we were going through the nicu experience was so reassuring and very appreciated.


Liz Van Dort

Wonderful idea - you are far braver than I...


Vivienne Beddoe

Good on you! Your Sophie makes it all worthwhile. NICU did a wonderful job for our Georgina, too.




Diana Nixon


Linda Cronk

You’re insane!

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