Future Giving

Future Giving

A bequest to the Canberra Hospital Foundation is a lasting gift that will make a significant contribution to the health and lives of those living in the Canberra region; whether it is through improvements in treatment, advances in clinical research or improved patient care.

There are several ways that you can remember the Canberra Hospital Foundation in your Will:

The Residue

After providing for family and friends, you may decide to leave the balance of your estate to the Canberra Hospital Foundation for use in the provision of services you may choose.

A Percentage

Leaving a percentage of the value of your estate ensures that beneficiaries are not affected by changes in the size of your estate or by inflation. This is the preferred option.

A Specific Sum

The simplest form of bequest is to allocate a specific sum. This does not allow for either the changing value of your estate or for inflation. To compensate for this, you may wish to review your Will regularly.

Specific Gifts

Your gift does not need to be in the form of money. You can nominate shares, property, an insurance policy, works of art, collectables – anything of value.

If you are interested in making a bequest, it is suggested that you carefully consider these options and discuss them carefully with your family and solicitor.

You may also wish to consider how you would like your bequest to be used. The areas to which your bequest may be applied include:

  • Funding of essential clinical research.
  • Improvements to patient care and special programs
  • Ongoing Capital Development and refurbishments