COVID-19 - a message to our community

We are thinking of everyone currently in COVID lockdown. Please take care and stay safe during these uncertain times.

The Canberra Hospital Foundation is committed to supporting people in our community who require healthcare services in Canberra especially those who are vulnerable and at-risk in times like we are currently experiencing.

During this time of uncertainty and the heightened need to care for the people around us, the Foundation will adjust the way we work, hold meetings, and communicate with you.

Our team will work remotely, although will continue our operations and be available to you through email and telephone, teleconferencing, and video conferencing. All events scheduled for the month of September 2021 will be postponed in line with the Government recommendations and guidelines.

Our phones have all been redirected to our mobiles and we are logged on to our emails daily so please do stay in contact even if it is just to say hello.

During this lockdown period unfortunately delivering hand-crafted comfort items will need to be put on hold until further notice. We will keep you well updated as to when this can commence again.

We are here to support exceptional healthcare in Canberra and will support Canberra Health Services and our hard-working healthcare workers wherever we can.

Our thanks and admiration go out to our hard-working clinical and support teams across our hospitals and all healthcare services. We are in constant contact with them and will respond to the areas of most need as they come to hand. As well, in times such as these, vulnerable people in our community will be impacted more than others; we will ensure we continue our support for healthcare workers and those who find themselves in hospital. Please keep an eye out for our updates on our webpage and social media.

If you would like to support ongoing exceptional healthcare at your hospital, advanced by research, innovation and knowledge, and delivered with comfort, hope and understanding we welcome your donation or your involvement in #CHFCareShare.

Our thoughts are with all of you and your families and friends as you navigate these unusual circumstances, please take care and stay safe.

From all of us here at the Foundation we send you our best wishes and thoughts.

Helen Falla

CEO, Canberra Hospital Foundation