Ocean Edge by Leah Brideson

Thanks to our generous donors, "Ocean Edge" by Leah Brideson is proudly displayed in the Psychology Department at Canberra Hospital. The beautiful piece acknowledges commitment to Reconciliation, and celebrates Voice, Treaty, Truth.

Artist Statement

Ocean Edge represents the flow and relationship between land and ocean from an areial perspective. There is a lot happening in our lives, we sometimes forget to slow down, and we lose the flow. Relating the constant tide coming in and out and the untiring flush of waves to the ups and downs in our lives puts things in perspective. Looking out to the ocean reminds me to take a breath, take a step back, ground my feet in the Earth, focus on family and what is important right now and find a better flow to the busyness of life. The first rush of salt water over my feet as I step into the ocean is a feeling of freedom.

-Leah Brideson