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Show your heart, make a heart!

Wrap Our Hearts Around You is a project which aims to unite Canberrans through the common activity of creating hearts. The hearts will be collected by the Canberra Hospital Foundation for a special celebration that will be symbolic representation of the appreciation and love in the community for our healthcare workers and patients.

How to Get Involved in the Project

It's simple! Once you've decided that you'd like to be involved, all you have to do is sign up using the form below and tell us how many hearts you aim to make. You can sign up by filling in the online form, or you can call us on 5124 3542. From there get creating!

A few guidelines

  • Hearts should be around the size of your palm
  • Hearts can be made from knitting, crocheting, sewing, papercrafting, painting or drawing, or any other medium you prefer
  • Please use the colours of the Canberra Hospital Foundation heart - dark blue, light blue, pink, orange, dark green, light green and red
  • To finish off your hearts, please sew little hoops on the sides or tops so we're able to assemble them in a special configuration
  • You can create on your own, or share the project in your crafting group
  • Please make sure you tell us how many hearts you plan on making so we can plan how the final installation will come together

Get inspiration and instructions

Click the links for instructions for crocheted hearts, knitted hearts and stuffed knitted hearts.

Please sign up here...

Please fill in the below form to register your details and tell us an estimate of how many hearts you intend to make. Your details will be used by us to keep you up to date with the project. Thank you, We're so happy you'd like to be involved.

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