Thank you for the wonderful difference you make! By donating to the Canberra Hospital Foundation you are supporting high-quality healthcare at the public hospitals within our own local community. Your gifts are changing lives.

We speak to so many people who will always be grateful for the care they received, care enhanced through your generous giving. We  share just a few of their stories below so you can really grasp your impact. If reading about these stories inspires you to give, we very much appreciate your support. 

Please support our frontline heroes. Assist the rapid response to Covid with a donation today. 

We are here to support exceptional healthcare in Canberra and will support patients and healthcare workers as best we can to meet the increased need during COVID.

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71 funding applications supported by the Foundation

As a healthcare charity we recognise the positive impact expressions of gratitude can have during the care experience. Gifts make a positive difference to the patients and families we serve in the wider Canberra region who are in of need treatment at public hospital, health care or walk in centre.

Thanks to the generous gifts over this past financial year, the Foundation was able to support 71 funding applications which included 15 applications within the Grant Round. The funding has been distributed across areas of Canberra Hospital, University of Canberra Hospital, Centenary Hospital for Women & Children, Canberra Region Cancer Centre, community health and walk-in centres.

This wonderful support has enabled the purchase of innovative medical equipment, supported clinical trials and therapeutic programs as well as refurbishments of away from bed spaces

Examples of key items funded

From challenging beginnings to happy family life

Zane’s start in life was not the one his parents Denver and Michelle Farrar anticipated when they learned their first baby was on the way. They were so excited, but their joy soon turned to fear. Michelle’s 12-week scan revealed it was a high-risk pregnancy. By week 31, a scan at Canberra Hospital found their baby wasn’t growing. Michelle was rushed in for an emergency c-section. Tiny Zane was born weighing just 990 grams. He could only manage 0.1ml of milk at a time and needed urgent care in the hospital’s newborn intensive care unit (NICU).

Denver and Michelle have been so grateful for the expert care Zane received that they made a very special decision. They became monthly donors to the Canberra Hospital Foundation. They are so glad to be able to give back to the NICU, helping them save more kids and premature babies like Zane.

Jim's Cancer Journey

Liberal Senator Jim Molan is another patient whose gratitude inspired him to become a donor like you. Jim had been struggling with nagging back pain. He put it down to age. But a scan told another story. In March he was told it was from metastasised cancer – and it was aggressive and widespread. Jim, his wife Anne and their children, were deep in shock. But they’d been given some hope too. There were treatments that could prolong his life. Jim has received care at the Canberra Region Cancer Centre (CRCC). And Anne has one word for his medical team – “magnificent”.

Thanks to your kindness, you are helping a growing number of people in our community overcome hardship or distress caused by illness, disability or injury.