A heartfelt thank you!
We are so grateful for your support in 2020...


Your generosity of spirit and kindness has been heart-warming and has extended far beyond what 2020 has thrown at our community.

Play Therapy Program

Kalten suffers from a rare metabolic disease. Ever since he was four years old, he has needed treatment at Canberra Hospital, every single week, no matter what. Each time, he has to lie in bed for 5 hours without a break.

"Providing a distraction and entertainment helps Kalten cope with the long hours spent in a hospital bed. We are very grateful to the Foundation for funding things like the play therapy program provided by play therapist Larah at Canberra Hospital. Kalten wishes he could play more with Larah when he’s in hospital." Tracey, Kalten’s mum

Patient Transport Program for Canberra Region Cancer Centre (CRCC), thanks to a donation made by Lennock VW.

Many patients have cried they are so grateful. We loved receiving feedback from CRCC staff, who are so very grateful for this new program which supports their patients and helps to remove a lot of their stress and anxiety. It can be very difficult for some patients who do not qualify for Community Transport, and who have the added stress of trying to get to their appointments and treatment, as well as the financial impact if they have to use taxis:

"A young man nearing end of life had stopped coming for treatment due to the immense difficulty he faced of getting to appointments. Treatment will help to prolong his life if he could receive it. The new transport program is now enabling him to attend his chemotherapy appointments and continue with treatment."

"A few weeks ago, we transported an elderly patient who is legally blind, was having to take 3 buses and spend hours commuting to treatment appointments and home again. Sometimes the bus schedules mean he is out for most of the day. He was very grateful for the support and will now become a regular user of the program.”

"You have no idea how relieved I am that I don’t have to burden my family members or friends to continually bring me for treatment appointments.”

Rehabilitation Equipment, Cancer Research and Therapy Programs

Dane’s life was turned upside down when he was diagnosed with a complicated case of T Cell Lymphoma cancer. He spent 12 months in Canberra Hospital and the University of Canberra Hospital, and was given 24 hours to live several times.

"I have nothing but praise for the rehabilitation team there who helped me thrive by preparing me beautifully to return to life. They helped me identify and manage my limitations so I could comfortably live with them in day to day life. Because I survived, I have thrived." Dane McCormack

Donations help medical teams to improve health statistics and save lives...

"The Preterm Birth Prevention program has resulted in a reduction of 30 fewer preterm births and 20 fewer singleton preterm births compared to the 5-year average. Reducing the risk of babies being born too early and suffering the health consequences of being so small, so underdeveloped, and just too young, is such an amazing and outstanding achievement thanks to your generosity and the skills provided by the medical team who have been able to provide this program." Assoc. Prof Boon Lim

"The provision of a fibroscan test within the Hume Health Centre means clients can now access Hepatitis C treatment within weeks and the Hepatitis C infection rate has been decreased from approximately 35% to only 2% within two years (at the facility)." Michelle Hemming, MHJHADS

Away-from-Bed Spaces

When TJ was 13 years old, he was involved in a horrific car crash while he and his family were on the way to the South Coast. "The fact the Foundation had funded a games room, and a deck and kitchen meant that TJ’s extended family could come in and spend time with him outside of his hospital room. He has young cousins, and everyone in the hospital knew when they arrived because they were so loud. But TJ was able to go outside with them away from his hospital room. There is no way we can express our gratitude for what the team at Canberra Hospital have and continue to do for our Teej. There are no words strong enough." Alanna Davis, mother of ICU patient, and CHF supporter

Donations support mental health and justice health

Mental Health Consumer Wallet Cards an initiative to promote mental health consumer rights.

"The cards help ensure that people have their rights and wishes respected around mental health treatment, care and support options when they become unwell and where their decision-making capacity is impaired." MHJHADS Team

Comfort during Counselling Sessions

Weighted blankets were purchased to provide people with a comfortable and relaxing approach to counselling sessions at Women’s Health Service which provides Medical, Nursing and Counselling Services to vulnerable women in the community.

"Helps with anxiety during sessions and I have bought one the same for my bed at home.”

"I absolutely love the blanket, I feel safer and calmer.”

"It’s calming, protective – like I’m in my own comfort zone of protection.”

Donations support the Arts and Health Program helping to make spaces less clinical, age appropriate and provide a more relaxing environment

"The artwork is really beautiful and provides a really special touch. The staff there acknowledge that even though the children are really unwell, the beautiful environment helps them to relax more, and helps fade out some of the scariness of beeps and monitors in a high care setting. That’s the special touch of the Foundation.” Angie Drake, Director Strategy & Communications, Canberra Health Services

Therapeutic Harp Program at Canberra Hospital, UCH and Clare Holland House

"A patient in a coma in ICU, now in a ward, heard Alison playing the harp in the corridor of her ward and came out to thank Alison for her beautiful music that she remembers hearing whilst she was in a coma!" ICU staff member

"The Foundation gives the community ownership of their health services. The support people give to the service that provided or the research that is undertaken is going to improve the healthcare services, not just for them, but for the greater population of the ACT and the surrounding areas."

Deb Rolfe AM, Chair of the Board since 2015

"The Canberra Hospital Foundation are absolutely invaluable for our patients. With the support from donors they do all of the things that just make patients’ time that little bit easier. When you’re dealing with cancer, there’s a lot of confronting things. If the experience can be made a little bit softer, a little bit more supportive, through things like the accommodation service, it makes a really big difference to the patients and their carers."

Caroline McIntyre, Canberra Region Cancer Centre

"A palliative patient experiencing a trauma response post ICU and delirium was incredibly fearful and suicidal prior to introducing the cuddle bed (which enables patients precious moments to lie close to a family member helping to reduce the physical barrier and connect both physically and emotionally with loved ones). The Cuddle bed became a valuable part of the intervention, allowing his exhausted partner to sleep with the patient and provide the psychological comfort that he is not alone."

Toni Ashmore, CAS

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