Refurbishments throughout the hospital transform spaces to be less clinical and more comfortable for patients and their families.

In March 2019, local radio station Hit104.7 brought the Canberra community together to refurbish the Cottage School Room. The station was inspired by the philanthropy and community-mindedness of Canberra Hospital Foundation Board Member Peter Munday, who’s yearly Lennock Volkswagen car raffle supported the refurbishment of the Cottage in 2017.

The Cottage is a Day Program that provides a therapeutic and education program in a safe and supportive environment for young people who are experiencing moderate to severe mental health issues. The goal of clients attending the Cottage is to reduce the severity of mental health symptoms and to achieve functional gain in the areas of schooling, social functioning and fostering life skills.

Prior to the refurbishment, the Cottage facility was quite eclectic, and while the services provided were so valuable, the premises needed some serious TLC. See it’s amazing transformation here

The Cottage Schoolroom is a separate building adjacent to the Cottage where young people accessing the program are able to continue their education in a school-away-from-school setting. Realising that the schoolroom was in need of some of the same love that the Cottage had received, Hit104.7 put the call out to local Canberra businesses and volunteers to be involved in its stunning transformation.

A week long breakfast radio campaign involved Ned and Josh reaching out to the Canberra community for support, with an overwhelmingly generous response from local businesses and individuals.

On the weekend that followed, a working bee was held at the Cottage Schoolroom, and the transformation is nothing short of amazing.

The effects of the refurbishments transcend the improvement of the physical space. The generosity of others increase young people’s sense of community and inspire them to give back. Since the initial refurbishment of the cottage, the young people have engaged in a fundraising event each term which have included RSPCA Cupcake Day, Christmas Wishing Tree and organising events that celebrate the volunteers at the Cottage. This fosters principles underlying positive mental health and happiness which are a sense of connection and belonging and a sense of giving back.

We would like to offer the sincerest of thanks to Hit104.7 for facilitating the refurbishment of the Cottage Schoolroom as well as the numerous individuals and businesses who gave of their time and made donations. Not only have you given the young people a bright, positive area to learn in, but you have brought the community together and championed philanthropy and volunteerism.