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Together, we are writing a story of impact, empowerment, and support for exceptional patient care in Canberra and region.

Funds Raised for CGD 2023

$334,915 raised

$300,000 Goal

$334,915 raised

$300,000 Goal


CAN GIVE DAY is a powerful fundraiser to support the delivery of exceptional patient care for people in Canberra and the surrounding region. 

Now it's fourth year, CAN GIVE DAY supports our healthcare services in a way that makes such a huge difference to our patients. It's also a great way for our community to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of Canberra Health Services teams.

CAN GIVE DAY continues to grow in strength, raising an impressive $317,000 in its debut year. Even in the virtual landscape of 2021, the Canberra community came together to raise $303,000, which ultimately led to 2022, where we raised over $341,000.

This year we are reaching even higher than before with a goal of $400,000. Can you help us achieve our goal?

You can get involved by:

Funds raised go to support clinical trials and medical research in Canberra, therapeutic and supportive programs, transformations of away-from-bed areas, and the purchase of speciality medical equipment, which enhances the patient experience throughout the year.

I CAN, you CAN, we all CAN give this Friday, 13 October. 
  • Cath Webb just donated $316.50
  • Corner Lopez just donated $2.11
  • Jackie McRae just donated $50
  • Arthur and Helen Duggan just donated $263.75
  • Anonymous just donated $126
  • Klaus just donated $105.50
  • David Haley just donated $260
  • Phu-Nhan Nguyen just donated $105.50
  • Marc Collins just donated $100
  • Richard Cooper just donated $200
  • Phu-Nhan Nguyen just donated $158.25
  • Anonymous just donated $20
  • Roman Ginard just donated $10.40
  • Anonymous just donated $20
  • Anonymous just donated $20
  • Anonymous just donated $20
  • Anonymous just donated $20
  • The Tsang/Ede Family just donated $99.75
  • Anonymous just donated $20
  • Anonymous just donated $20

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Get involved in CAN GIVE DAY

Big Wig Challenge

Back by popular demand, on Friday, 13 October, an exclusive group of community leaders will abseil down a Canberra Hospital building. However, before they take the plunge, they must raise $10,000 as an entry fee. Find a Big Wig to support...

Community Fundraisers

Come together with your community on CAN GIVE DAY to sign up and host your own fundraising activity! It's a great opportunity to connect with your community, support our health workers and raise funds to support patient care. Find out how you can get involved...

CHS Staff Activities

CAN GIVE DAY is an opportunity for our Canberra Health Services teams to celebrate with each other and have some fun! Simply get a team together and think of an activity you and your team can do on CAN GIVE DAY - the more creative, the better! Join in the fun today...

Master Cook Challenge

A select number of top cooks will compete in the Master Cook Challenge, with three cooking challenges to test their skill and grit! The cooks will be pushing their skills to the limit, embracing their passion and putting their reputation on the line. Find a Master Cook to support...
"Seeing the community come together to fill the bucket for a year's worth of staff-led projects is so heartwarming!"


Your efforts in fundraising, sharing and supporting CAN GIVE DAY make a significant difference!

Furniture for the Adolescent Day Program, which helps

  • Enhance sensory rooms, activity spaces and multipurpose activity rooms
  • Adolescents experiencing mental health conditions to reduce negative impacts
  • Adolescents to continue receiving acute services and having access to timely intervention.

Medical cannulation dolls, which provides

  • A platform for healthcare professionals to develop and refine their cannulation skills 
  • The opportunity to enhance dexterity, accuracy, and overall technique in inserting needles and catheters
  • Staff with the skills to better alleviate patient pain during the cannulation process.

Furniture for the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit, which helps

  • Create homelike spaces for patients and families receiving bad news or grieving loss
  • Create comfortable, less clinical experiences to improve wellbeing and the overall patient experience.

Furniture for Adolescent Mental Health Inpatient Unit, which provided

  • 6 specialised beds for mental health inpatients
  • Safe therapeutic spaces for adolescents requiring admission for acute mental health concerns
  • Group activity spaces and sensory rooms
  • De-escalation spaces and breakout rooms for families and carers to retreat, recharge while supporting their children in the hospital.
"Getting involved in CAN GIVE DAY means you can give patients and their families comfort, hope and understanding through their time in the hospital or during treatment, and acknowledges the hard work and dedication of Canberra's healthcare teams."


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