Our Story

Raising funds to help people in need in our community

Our story began in 2009 with the initial establishment of the ‘Our Wellness Foundation,’ which was later relaunched and reinvigorated in 2012 under the new name of the Canberra Hospital Foundation. Though we’ve grown substantially in the past decade, our aim has always remained the same – to provide support to public hospitals in Canberra to help provide a caring, world-class health and healing service for patients, their families and carers.

The Canberra Hospital Foundation is the link between people who find themselves unwell and in hospital and the generous Canberra community who through events, fundraising and philanthropy support those in need. From local businesses to community groups, sporting teams to crafting circles, businesspeople to grateful individuals - the impact provided by these individuals and groups enables the Canberra Hospital Foundation to contribute to better health outcomes for members of our community.

Funds raised support the purchase of new and innovative medical technology and equipment, important research, transformations of away from bed spaces, therapeutic programs and comfort items – all initiatives which help to enhance patients’ care and treatment and uplift their hospital experience.