Our Story

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Raising funds to help people in need in our community

Our story began in 2008 with the initial establishment of the ‘Our Wellness Foundation,’ which was later relaunched and reinvigorated in 2011 under the new name of the Canberra Hospital Foundation. Though we’ve grown substantially in the past decade, our aim has always remained the same – to provide support to public hospitals in Canberra to help provide a caring, world-class health and healing service for patients, their families and carers.

Creating exceptional health care together

We share Canberra Health Services' vision because we work tirelessly to provide support so that exceptional health care is created every day.

Exceptional health care for us is when every person (patients, families, carers, and staff) experiences the highest quality health care that is advanced by research, innovation and knowledge - delivered with comfort, hope and understanding.

To inspire community giving that creates gratitude, connection, innovation and healing.

We connect our community’s generosity with our shared vision of creating exceptional health care together.

Innovation through research and advancement of knowledge is one of the most significant ways people can contribute to patient care.

A health service that is driven by research and best practice can enhance people's health and wellbeing through an improved environment, better equipment, and facilities, and by supporting care teams to achieve ever higher standards of care.

The people who give do so because they have a deep gratitude for our healthcare workforce and service. It is also often a part of their healing process after the loss of a loved one or after a challenging experience with illness.

We inspire confidence in people who give, that their gift is supporting patients to continually receive the highest quality care, the greatest comfort and relief from distress.

We help everyone in our community see the vital role they play, whether large or small, in giving our healthcare workforce the time, knowledge and resources they need to create exceptional health care.

Ultimately, when we work together to create exceptional health care in this way, we help our community to live healthier and more productive lives.