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Furniture for the Adolescent Day Program, which helps

  • Enhance sensory rooms, activity spaces and multipurpose activity rooms
  • Adolescents experiencing mental health conditions to reduce negative impacts
  • Adolescents to continue receiving acute services and having access to timely intervention.

Medical cannulation dolls, which provides

  • A platform for healthcare professionals to develop and refine their cannulation skills 
  • The opportunity to enhance dexterity, accuracy, and overall technique in inserting needles and catheters
  • Staff with the skills to better alleviate patient pain during the cannulation process.

Furniture for the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit, which helps

  • Create homelike spaces for patients and families receiving bad news or grieving loss
  • Create comfortable, less clinical experiences to improve wellbeing and the overall patient experience.

Furniture for Adolescent Mental Health Inpatient Unit, which provided

  • 6 specialised beds for mental health inpatients
  • Safe therapeutic spaces for adolescents requiring admission for acute mental health concerns
  • Group activity spaces and sensory rooms
  • De-escalation spaces and breakout rooms for families and carers to retreat, recharge while supporting their children in the hospital.

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