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Your spirit of generosity and kindness has been heart-warming and has extended far beyond what 2023 has thrown at our community.

From cutting-edge medical equipment to transformative hospital spaces, alleviating distress for patients, their families and caregivers are some of the fundamental pillars of our mission to help deliver exceptional patient care in Canberra and surrounding regions. 

Specialised & Innovative Equipment

Portable Ultrasound for Trauma Services

When it comes to trauma services, time plays a crucial role, especifically designed for those experiencing major trauma, including chest injuries like rib fractures or those involving internal bleeding. This equipment allows ACT Trauma Service professionals to bring a positive change by offering immediate on-the-spot imaging, resulting in faster assessment of injuries and application of appropriate treatment.

The portability breaks down location barriers, and regardless of circumstances, medical professionals are given the opportunity to make immediate and accurate assessment. Furthermore, it requires less specialised training and can be used well by more professionals.

Transformations & Refurbishments

Diversional Mural in 9B (Neurosurgery)

For families and caregivers, the thought of a loved one with reduced cognitive abilities absconding from the hospital and potentially putting themselves in danger is deeply distressing. Creating a nurturing environment for patients in Neurosurgery is crucial, especially considering the challenges they face with cognitive impairments that can result from brain trauma, tumors, or ruptures.

By disguising exits with murals like the one above, there is a significant decrease in anxiety and the obsessive urge for patients to navigate through them. It helps reduce the number of falls among patients and allows for improved safety and happiness levels.

"...about the power to completely transform..."

Supportive Programs

Cancer Australia Grant Initiative

In 2021, we received the Cancer Australia Grant to address cancer challenges for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The initiative focuses on cultural training for health professionals. The model was refined after its initial run, resulting in improved understanding of cancer (66%), increased awareness of screening tests (83%), and enhanced knowledge of risk factors (83%) in 2023.

100% of participants committed to sharing information with family and friends and assessing lifestyle choices to reduce cancer risk. 
Consumer suggestions for the future are the need for ongoing community education and anti-smoking campaigns.

“We have formed great relationships with Ngunnawal community services and organisations and are hopeful to sustain them to ensure our communities have relevant cancer prevention and early screening information available to them." - Tracey Newman

SPICE Program for Patients with Dementia and their carers

The Sustainable Personalised Interventions for Cognition, Care, and Engagement (SPICE) program is a groundbreaking initiative tailored for those in Canberra and the surrounding regions who are diagnosed with mild or moderate dementia and their primary carers.

The SPICE program is a 12-week intervention designed to provide post-diagnostic support that aligns with individual needs, preferences, and mobility while fostering social engagement and peer support.

It encompasses multiple evidence-based components aimed at enhancing the quality of life and physical and functional capacity of participants. The program also equips participants with a toolkit of strategies and resources for the future.

Providing comfort through our in-kind donors....

Some areas that receive comfort items are the Canberra Region Cancer Centre (CRCC), Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Aged Care, Womene and Children's Hospital, Univeristy of Canberra Hospital and walk-in centres across the ACT, to name a few.

They include not just comfort toys like teddies and dolls but also knitted blankets, beannies, hand gloves and scarves, basic essentials like shampoos and soap bars to puzzles, board games, books and more. Each of these items are generously, and selflessly, donated by our supporters.

“Our staff distributes the crafted teddies and other toys to all ACT Pathology collection centres, and we receive wonderful feedback from parents and patients. Our little patients love their rewards after all their hard work going through blood collection! They give us big smiles and say ‘Thank you’ by hugging the teddy bears."

CRCC Patient Transport Program

250 patients supported

3800 individual trips made

88,000kms travelled

With the generous support of Peter Munday, OAM, Dealer Principal at Lennock Volkswagen Phillip, the Canberra Region Cancer Centre (CRCC) Patient Transport program commenced in 2020 to provide essential transport assistance to patients attending appointments.

The program utilises a Volkswagen supplied by Lennock, and operated by CRCC volunteers, to support patients during consutant appointments, radiation treatment, Medical Oncology, Haematology, Immunology treatment, and Palliative Care. This program has successfully addressed challenges faced by patients travelling to and from the hospital and who are ineligible  for community transport, including having to use multiple buses for a single trip, booking taxis and its related costs of travel, or constantly seeking assistance from friends or family.

CRCC have witnessed firsthand the transformative impact on individuals, such as an elderly legally blind patient who, previously relying on three buses, is now a regular user of the program.

Throughout the year, various initatives by the community, healthcare workers, and past patients helps maintain and fuel the car. This includes petrol vouchers and periodic maintainence to ensure the program is a ongoing source of relief and stress-free travel.

Therapeutic Programs

There are many ongoing programs that run throughout Canberra Health Services which provide respite and therapy for patients and families during their time in care. Through donations, we are able to support three key therapeutic programs.

Therapeutic Harp

Led by Alison Ware, the Therapeutic Harp program, now in its 11th year provides comfort, assists with pain management, anxiety and stress as well as providing a welcome distraction and also allowing for the release of emotion and grieving.

The Therapeutic Harp Program benefits patients and their loved ones across multiple hospital locations.

Paws the Pressure

Paws the Pressure offers staff therapeutic time with friendly dogs like Freddo, Lilly, Nike, Spooky, and Ruby.

This service is offered by the Delta Therapy Dogs volunteers and their special furry friends to make regularr visits to patients in wards and programs across the Canberra Health Services.

Arts in Health

The Arts in Health Program, creates inclusive environments, promoting health outcomes in healthcare facilities through stress reduction, mood enhancement, and positive social engagement. 

It adds a touch of comfort and hope to patients and their families. It is a constant endeavour to cover our hospitals and medical centres with art that is pleasing to the eyes and the mind.

Supporting exceptional patient care is a journey without an end.

In 2024, we invite you to join us in this rewarding journey.

Through sharing our story, contributing your time, making donations, dropping off comfort items or fundraising for us, anything you choose to do, you can make a lasting impact.

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