Updating an outdoor space to become vibrant, interesting and purposeful!

Stage 1 of the Purposeful Walking Garden Complete

19 Feb 2021

We are very excited that stage one of the Purposeful Walking Garden has been completed!

A huge thank you to the Canberra community for their generous support which has enabled an outdated an outdoor space to become vibrant, interesting and purpose designed.

"Many of the patients linger around the initial 2 large murals and they are quite a talking point. We are confident that additional murals will provide a similar sense of interest and pleasure to both patients and visitors." Rhonda Rhonda Maher, Director of Nursing – Rehabilitation Aged and Community Services, University of Canberra Hospital.

A well-designed walking garden is an environment for patients with cognitive impairment including dementia. These gardens are widely recognised as promoting independence and wellbeing. Once completed the garden will provide meaningful activity such as gardening, watering, sweeping. It also provides an opportunity for socialisation and sensory stimulation. All proven to be beneficial for rehabilitation and recovery.

The Foundation has provided funding of $27,045 for completion of stage one. $250,000 of additional funding needed for completion of next stages and to finalise garden.