Harmonie German Club

Let's get ready to make a difference!

Igniting our Club's heart to make a difference!

We're participating in the 'Compete for OUR HEART' challenge, where clubs across Canberra will unite in their support of Canberra Hospital Foundation.

Join us in this epic showdown as we compete to claim the title of 'Top Fundraiser'. It's more than just a competition; OUR HEART is an opportunity to come together and create a lasting impact on the lives of patients, their families, and the dedicated healthcare teams in Canberra and the surrounding region.


About Our Club

Thursday 2nd May

The Harmonie German Club is the mecca for a good schnitzel or pork knuckle in the inner south, a bustling small cultural club providing great value food and beverage options to the community.  We are rich in live music and performing arts and supporting local interest and sporting groups is at the core of our fabric.

Proud members of ClubsACT we support the Canberra Hospital foundation Compete for our Heart fundraiser wholeheartedly.  We have a fantastic membership base and invite all of our beautiful members to help us raise money for this great cause.      

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