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Igniting our Club's heart to make a difference!

We're participating in the 'Compete for OUR HEART' challenge, where clubs across Canberra will unite in their support for Canberra Hospital Foundation. 

Join us in this epic shopowdown as we go head-to-head and vye to claim the title of 'Top Fundraiser'. It's more than just a competition, OUR HEART is an opportunity to come together and create lasting impact on the lives of patients, their families, and the decicated healthcare teams in Canberra and surrounding region. 


About Murrumbidgee Country Club

Tuesday 5th Mar

Murrumbidgee Country Club is excited at the opportunity to be able to donate to the Canberra Hospital Foundation through our new recycling program. Reducing rubbish to landfill has been a top priority of the Club over the last 12 months and forms part of our Strategic Plan for the next five years.

Members and guests of the course are encouraged to utilise the on-course recycling bins to maximise what the Club can provide to the Foundation.

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