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Let's get ready to make a difference!

Igniting our Club's heart to make a difference!

We're participating in the 'Compete for OUR HEART' challenge, where clubs across Canberra will unite in their support of Canberra Hospital Foundation.

Join us in this epic showdown as we compete to claim the title of 'Top Fundraiser'. It's more than just a competition; OUR HEART is an opportunity to come together and create a lasting impact on the lives of patients, their families, and the dedicated healthcare teams in Canberra and the surrounding region.


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Tuesday 5th Mar

As a part of Canberra’s fabric, we feel it necessary to do our part in supporting initiatives toward bettering the lives of those who reside in our community. Giving back is a core motivation for the Ainslie Group and embodies the values we hold our two venues accountable for at Ainslie and Gungahlin. We hope to bring our membership on board to assist in raising much needed funds for the Canberra Hospital Foundation and improving the experience of many patients. With an outreach to over 50,000 Canberrans, our Ainslie Group members not only belong to our clubs for the general service offering, but for the tenets of our belief system, our ties to community and our passion to help.

We hope that the importance of this mission is absorbed by our local membership, and we can all come together to make a difference for patients assisted by the Canberra Hospital Foundation.

For many of us, we have had experience with loved ones having to endure medical treatment, and/or sustained periods of time in hospital. If we can make those very difficult times even the slightest bit better, then that is a win for us.

Please help us and donate anything you can toward the cause.

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An excellent choice for a donation drive. Thanks, AFC.


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