Your donation - big, little or in between - will support sick kids in hospital!

You can make a difference to local kids...

The Give Me Five appeal is a great opportunity for you to give back to your community! Help us raise funds to support speciality equipment, therapeutic programs and more for sicks kids in Centenary Hospital for Women and Children.

Imagine the difference you could make for children in the hospital with just $5. You could help buy new life-saving equipment, fund specialist programs, or some new toys or activities to put a smile on the face of a sick child.

Mix 106.3 and Her Canberra proudly support Canberra Hospital Foundation.

Your kind donation goes far beyond directly supporting sick children in hospital. The benefits are felt by their family, the healthcare team and the community.

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can help purchase a Venoscope Neonatal Vascular Transilluminator, worth $405. This small and portable vein finder makes it easier to manoeuvre around babies, with cool lights that are strong enough to illuminate hard-to-find veins reducing stress for the patient and parents.
will help buy therapeutic tools and toys for outpatient clinics, which helps boost engagement and communication, and helps facilitate the assessment and medical intervention of unwell kids, especially for those with developmental delay and behavioural difficulties.
helps fund Smileyscopes, a virtual reality experience that informs, calms and distracts children during needle procedures, wound dressings, tube changes etc. The animations have been created to perfectly coincide with the various procedures being carried out. What a relief!
can help fund a Bilirubinometer, which helps to monitor new born babies, and reduce the number of invasive blood tests that newborns have, and reduce the number of readmissions to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) with high levels of bilirubin.

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