BreastScreen ACT Clinic waiting room, a calm and comfortable environment...

09 Dec 2022

A call back to attend for further tests after a mammogram can be very disconcerting.

BreastScreen ACT provides a comprehensive breast cancer screening service to the Canberra community. Part of this involves diagnostic assessment clinics where clients attend the clinic for up to 8 hours for further investigation to determine if they have breast cancer.  

“My goodness, what a beautiful environment to spend time in when the reason for the visit is so concerning,” a client recently told a staff member.

Ensuring a comfortable and welcoming, calm environment in the waiting room and diagnostic results room for clients and their support person attending the clinic, is so important.

Thanks to the support of our generous community, the Canberra Hospital Foundation has been able to fund beautiful photo prints to brighten the walls and comfortable visitor chairs to help provide an uplifting and calming space at the BreastScreen ACT Clinic in Moore St.

A local photographer, Michael Reid, generously donated scenic photos of Canberra and the surrounding region to BreastScreen ACT which were printed on large canvases and displayed on the main wall in the waiting room.

“Lovely positive experience with lovely positive photos,” a client was heard to remark.

The ambience of the room is much calmer as the bright and vivid colours on the wall of beautiful local areas at sunset with their pink and gold tones lift the room.

The specialised chairs were selected to ensure comfort whilst sitting for an extended period of time and importantly to ensure optimised infection control measures providing comfort and safety for clients and their support person.

“The chairs are a great improvement. Renovation much appreciated.” Feedback from a grateful client.

Julianne Siggins, Director of BreastScreen ACT, said they have received very positive feedback from participants attending assessment clinics where they sometimes need to sit for hours whilst going through this diagnostic process. In a recent client satisfaction survey, of 440 responses, 94% of participants agreed the “Waiting Area Was Comfortable”.

As one client noted, “I was very nervous about coming here but the team are so kind and the surroundings so calming.”

Thank you to our generous supporters for your help to provide a calming and more comfortable environment for our local community who require the important services of BreastScreen ACT.

With your support we can continue to fund other refurbishments and transformations like this. Please donate and know your generosity will be appreciated.