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Spreading Festive Joy: Heartfelt Impact through Givemas 2023

12 Jan 2024
As we start this new year with a renewed spirit, it's worth a moment's pause to reflect on our achievements last December. The annual Givemas initiative saw magnificent contributions from the Canberra community, dedicated staff and generous donors.

Canberrans came together to make the festive season brighter for those spending Christmas in hospital away from family and friends. Thanks to you, we had the opportunity to distribute so many wonderful gifts to patients and their families at Canberra Hospital, University of Canberra Hospital and for the first time ever, North Canberra Hospital. Another highlight was the ability to facilitate choir performances, which echoed throughout the hospital hallways and corridors during the holiday period.
Our Givemas Adopt-a-Ward initiative provided organisations, businesses, and groups within the community with the chance to select an entire ward to donate gifts to. From school students to gyms, corporate offices to government departments, we had groups from all walks of life dropping off donations.

Canberra, you ensured no patient was without a gift on Christmas.

The stories shared, and the messages of appreciation received paints a heartfelt picture of the impact created through Givemas. From delighted patients receiving gifts to the overwhelming gratitude of families facing challenging times, each gesture has radiated hope and warmth. At times, we could spot visitors and patients swaying to the music of choir performances or gently dabbing an eye.

Let's take you on a heartwarming journey showcasing the profound impact of our collective efforts:

1500 +

Patients supported in CHS and across outpatient areas


Choir performances


Wards adopted


Community supporters

"It was really wonderful to receive these donations and the team look forward to handing out all these gifts to the patients on Christmas."
- Jake Pennell (NCH Mental Health wards)

"Thank you for allowing us to be apart of adopt-a-ward. Wishing you and your team a merry Christmas."
- Christine (family who adopted Clare Holland House)

"We are very grateful, and I know our patients will be very touched and appreciative of the kindness of the donors, and the Foundation, for the gifts which you have so thoughtfully chosen for us."- Caroline McIntyre
(Operation Manager, CRCC)

In light of this heartwarming journey and the astounding impact you've made possible, please consider continuing the spirit of giving. Our Christmas Appeal is still open for donations till the end of this week. Your generosity, big or small, makes sure that initiatives such as Givemas are a resounding success year after year.

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