Have you heard the good news? Your support has made testing children's ear functionality more efficient!


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Titan ear testing is here!

01 Mar 2021

Thanks to your support, we were able to provide funding of $26,970 for the Titan, a diagnostic tympanometer. The Titan enable's a child's middle and inner ear functionality to be assessed without the participation of the child.

The child is unaware that they are actually being tested, and health professionals are able to describe the test as listening to music or birds singing, or something less scary.

Parents love it because it is so quick, gives a clear picture of middle ear and inner ear function, and looks very high-tech! 

"That's an amazing piece of equipment. I was wondering how you were going to test my child's hearing."

Medical staff love the Titan because it gives them confidence to make decisions about a child's hearing in the absence of behavioural results when children are difficult to test. The addition of this equipment eases the strain of having to share existing equipment between clinicians.

Appointments no longer need to be interrupted to take the unit from one room to another, and the flow of the appointment is much better. 

"Wow! That little machine can do all that... here? That is amazing technology!"

Thank you for helping healthcare workers improve the assessment of children's hearing functionality!