Rocky Road for Paeds!

By Alanna & Teej Join Me

Join me in my journey of making a real difference

If you know us, you know why we are fundraising for Give Me 5 For Kids Month! 

Teej has spent many nights (well weeks) in the ICU, High Care and Adolescent Wards at the Canberra Hospital. He is alive because of the brilliant team at TCH. 

Each year we try to do something as part of Give Me 5 Kids. 

This year, I am volunteering to make a bag of Rocky Road for a donation! 

Donate $25 to collect from me or donate $35 and I'll post it out to you. 

*Let me know if you don't want nuts included. 

Thank you, dear supporters


The Lister Family 🧡

You two are the best xo


Theresa Dowling

Great cause but I'd support any cause for your rocky road! :-)


Sprout Space

You and your family are inspiring! I love your passion for everything you so xx


Lois Clifford

well done Alanna


Ella Lister

You’re amazing! Xoxo


Di Simpson

great work AD - keep it up!


Anna Hede


Tina Lee

Amazing work Alanna!! Xx



1 x rocky road with all ingredients please!


Jasmine Jones


Terri & Poppy


Katie Forester

This is such a good idea ! Hope you reach your goal :)


Anna Wynne

Great fundraising idea for a great cause


Catriona Mackinnon

With the lot please!

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