Gilbert 5 years


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My Updates

And we're done

Was unsure there for a bit, Godzilla impacted the momentum for rebuilding. But good thing is Lego is a lot more forgiving to a rebuild. 

Gilbert has finished his Telstra Tower with Canberra protecting robots. Cause everything is better with robots. 

So Godzilla visited

Gilbert was working very well building and adapting his design, only to see it fall victim to Godzilla in the form of a 2 year old. We're going to see if we can try again, maybe when Godzilla is distracted by Bluey... 

We're creating Canberra saving robots

We're a bit late to the party, but Gilbert was keen to get involved. He's designed a robotic hero to protect all of Canberra that lives on Black Mountain. Not quite where we thought he'd take the brief, but he's having fun. 

When Gilbert was 6 months we very nearly spent our first Christmas at TCH. He was shown such love and care, we can only hope to repay some of that. 

My Amazing Supporters




Barbara Voysey

Fantastic effort Gilbert.


Mama And Pappa

Mama and Papa are very proud of you ❤️


Emily J


Big Nanny And Poppy

Well done Gilbert



Go Gilbert (and mum )


Uncle Craig

Well done, Gilbert!


Jenny Mason

Go Gilly!


Aunty Christine And Uncle Lincoln

Excellent work Gilbert



Well done in being so thoughtful of others.