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In-kind donations made with love from the Canberra community

In-kind donations made with love from the community

Each year the Canberra Hospital Foundation receives a multitude of hand-made comfort items which support our patients; offering comfort, warmth, a splash of colour in their room, as well as a special reminder that a stranger in the community is thinking of them.

The impact that a warm knitted blanket or quilt made with love has on patients and their families, carers and clinical staff is quite extraordinary.

An example of the therapeutic power of donated comfort items was when they were gifted to a chronically unwell patient in ICU. The patient had a mental illness and was homeless.  When he received the gift of a beanie, scarf and blanket it transformed the care the nurses were able to give him.  Prior to this he was non communitive and guarded but thanks to the gifted comfort items he felt valued and cared for and began to trust his care givers.  This changed the direction of his care as he opened up to his doctors and nurses, accepted care and that lead to his recovery.  A social worker reflected that it was the gift of the comfort goods that "broke the ice.”  Later the patient confided that he was institutionalised as a child, and these gifts where the first he had ever received.  It meant so much to staff when on discharge from ICU he asked for a "teddy". Apparently his first one.  

The Wrap Our Hearts Around You project

The hearts will be collected by the Canberra Hospital Foundation for a special celebration that will be symbolic representation of the appreciation and love in the community for our healthcare workers and patients.

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