Support our littlest patients during Newborn November

Help unwell newborn babies from your community this November

All this month, every time you shop at COSTCO Majura Park you can buy a Newborn November token to help support the delivery of exceptional care for our littlest patients. Dedicate it to a baby you love.

The Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery (NICU) and Special Care Nursery at the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children provide care for babies that need extra attention after birth.

Your generosity supports babies in the NICU or SCN receiving treatment for preterm birth, low birth weight, breathing difficulties, low blood sugar levels, infection, birth trauma and some congenital abnormalities.

Your donation will support the purchase of:

The impact we have made in previous year

newborn november, Neonatal equipment

MamaRoo 4 Infant Seats

Premature babies often prove harder to soothe compared to full-term infants, and for parents unable to be by their side, this can be very distressing. In our hospital's NICU ward, the aging rockers, generously donated in the past, had worn out over time. Last year, we were able to fund three MamaRoo-4 infant seats for the NICU wards at Centenary Hospital.

These seats replicate human movements such as bouncing and swaying, alleviating stress for both parents and babies. Adjustable via a Bluetooth device, they assist our hospital staff in comforting patients in the absence of their parents.

newborn november, Neonatal equipment

Transcutaneous Bilirubinometer Handheld Monitor

Around 60-80% of newborn infants get jaundiced in the first few days of life. Although usually safe in babies and easily resolvable, high levels can cause permanent brain damage. Early detection in a simple way is the way forward. 

For this, Trancutaneous Bilirubinometer handheld monitors were provided to NICU to measure jaundice levels in babies non-invasively. They provide accurate and instant results allowing early discharges and eliminating the need to perform invasive blood tests on babies.

newborn november, Neonatal equipment

Giraffe Stand-alone Infant Resuscitation System

This single, all-in-one unit is all about practicality and improving patient care. It combines all the essential resuscitation tools, simplifying the process, reducing setup hassles, and eliminating the need to learn multiple devices.
Using this equipment makes things easier for healthcare staff and cuts down on training time. It's a user-friendly, portable solution for high-risk deliveries, transportation, and bedside care, ensuring support for both staff and patients for the next ten years. 

Thank you for supporting Newborn November 2023. If you have a story to share, we would love to hear from you!

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In November 2023, Canberra Hospital Foundation shopping days at COSTCO Majura Park helped support Newborn November. Funds raised go to Canberra Hospital Foundation's support of the Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery (NICU) and Special Care Nursery (SCN) at the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children.

Newborn November is from 1-30 November only at COSTCO Majura Park.