Spreading joy to patients, visitors, and staff with enchanting melodies wherever we go...

No auditions or experience necessary - just your time and passion!

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The Canberra Hospital Foundation Choir spreads joy to patients, visitors, volunteers, and staff with their enchanting melodies wherever they go. Our amazing CHF Choir singers generously lend their voices, time, and spirit, knowing the difference it makes to their community!

Fostering a holistic healing environment, our passionate singers uplift patients and unite staff through harmonious melodies. You can experience the therapeutic impact of music firsthand by joining the Choir in spreading joy and comfort through special performances throughout the year.

The choir made a huge difference around the hospital last Christmas - read about their impact in this Riotact news article: click here.

Looking for other ways to volunteer with CHF?

We are always searching for new volunteer recruits to join the team. It's a chance for members of our community to contribute, make a tangible difference, and be part of a collective effort that embodies the spirit of community support. Whether you’re an individual, community group or team of workmates, we’d love to hear from you. There are opportunities to volunteer for our charity BBQ, our annual flagship fundraiser, Can Give Day, during the holiday season in December, or at our other events held throughout the year.

Please register your interest to volunteer by reaching out on (02) 5124 3542 or simply use the volunteering form.

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