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What comes to mind when you think of the word “research”?

For many, research raises images of microscopes and white coats, but it’s so much more than that. Research is about transformation and hope—it’s about people.

Imagine if you or a loved one were facing a serious illness, having exhausted all available treatments, clinging to the hope of a clinical trial. Research can be the glimmer of hope, providing new treatment options and a chance for a better future. This is especially true for those in our community who, thanks to your support through Canberra Hospital Foundation, can now have access to life-changing clinical trials.

Your generosity has enabled transformative research here in the ACT, allowing patients to participate in national and international clinical trials.

Consider the work our clinical researchers are currently undertaking. They are working on unravelling immune thrombocytopenia (a condition with dangerously low blood platelet counts) to improve treatment options and quality of life. They are involved in national breast cancer trials and are studying whether patients have the information they need to make informed end-of-life care decisions.

Can I count on your support again to enable the Canberra Hospital Foundation to continue to fund vital and life changing trials such as these – helping people right here in our community?

Your support can enable patients in Canberra to have more opportunities and easier access to clinical trials. An example of the power of your support is the soon to open ‘PARAGON 2’ Clinical Trial, which focuses on women with incurable rare hormone receptor positive gynaecological cancers that do not respond well to chemotherapy.

According to Associate Professor Alison Davis, who will lead ‘PARAGON 2’ in Canberra,

“It takes time to do the research. But the more research we do, the more impact we will have on individuals now and into the future. Steady, reliable, and consistent funding is essential for us to expand our research program and find the next breakthrough."

Donations will ensure that patients in this trial can be treated right here in Canberra, without leaving the comfort and support of their home and community.

Research is at a critical new stage potentially changing diseases, like cancer from a deadly disease to being managed as a chronic illness.

Your donation will enable being a part of the future of health for those living in our community so it can be more than impactful and transformational especially when it comes to funding clinical trials. Your gift enables the bridge between scientific discovery and practical application, enabling findings to be swiftly and effectively applied from scientific findings to tangible benefits for all of us and our families.

Research will continue to transform healthcare delivery, with the goal of embedding research into everything across the hospital to improve patient outcomes.

Of course it is only by having steady, reliable, and consistent funding that our researchers will be able to expand our research program support more people and find the next new breakthrough.

We have made positive steps forward in recent years, there is, of course, much more that could be achieved. Collaboration should expand, innovation should thrive, and applied, patient-focused research should extend across all disease areas.

Your support is more than just a donation; it provides the gift of hope, offering a better tomorrow for someone’s mother, father, child, or friend. We need your vital support to keep this important work going.

Thank you for your support – it is life-giving.

Helen Falla
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. Any donation you make before 30 June can be used as a tax deduction in this year’s tax return.

With the end of the financial year fast approaching, we invite you to consider the impact you can make by supporting Canberra Hospital Foundation as well as potentially benefiting from tax deductions.

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will help researchers to establish the safety and and efficacy of medical devices used by patients with debilitating conditions.
will help researchers discover new ways to help reduce pain and discomfort during mammograms and remove barriers to breast screening.
will support translational research in the Cancer Research Hub at Canberra Region Cancer Centre. Building a vital bridge between scientific discovery and practical application.
will support innovative research for rare cancers such as certain endometrial and ovarian cancers, offering new hope where few treatment options exist.

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Health and medical research will improve the health and wellbeing for all in our community. It draws on knowledge of the human body and the world around us to find ways to identify, cure and prevent disease; reduce injury and disability; improve the delivery of health services; and help all of us to lead healthier lives.

Thanks to your support, Canberra Hospital Foundation directly assists patients of any age with any illness. We support babies, children, teens, adults and the elderly. We support those having cancer or chronic disease treatment, those recovering from injury, the vulnerable amongst us, and those nearing the end of life.

Together, we can make a difference that truly matters.

We believe in the power of compassion and community and together we have the potential to create lasting change by providing comfort, hope, and support to those in Canberra and region who are facing health challenges.
With the end of the financial year fast approaching, we invite you to consider the impact you can make by supporting Canberra Hospital Foundation as well as potentially benefiting from tax deductions.

Your generous contribution before June 30 has the power to change lives and provide a brighter future for patients and their loved ones. By supporting health and wellbeing programs and refurbishments of away-from-bed spaces that relieve the distress of hospitalisation and sickness and advanced research and equiptment that supports patient care, you can be part of our life-giving work.