Help support sick kids in hospital to get home sooner, or feel more at home during their treatment...

Our Partnership with HUSK (Hospitals United For Sick Kids)

We are so proud to be parterning with Hospitals United For Sick Kids (HUSK) - a joint fundraising initiative started in 2019 that supports children's hospitals, foundations and paediatric services across Australia together.

Money raised goes towards helping kids get back home, back to the things they miss by investing in vital funding needs such as research, the latest equipment, and the amazing health professionals who deliver the care children need.

Funds are used to cure homesickness by developing services to connect kids to their homes while in hospital and making them feel a bit more at home during their hospital stay. – please can you delete this line as we ve already covered this point on top.

Your support helps to raise funds for paediatric patients who are receiving care at the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, through Canberra Health Services.

Funds are raised for our Canberra paediatric patients through:

  • the $2 Coles Hospitals United For Sick Kids Card campaign held in March each year
  • the sale of Coles Mum's Sause pasta sauce and pizza sauce 
  • sale of bucket hats at Lowes

You support helps kids of the Centenary Hospital for Women, Youth and Children in Garran, Canberra be kids first and patients later.

About HUSK

Hospitals United for Sick Kids is Australia’s only National Alliance of hospitals for children, foundations and paediatric services to help sick kids get home, back to the things they miss.

They are committed to reducing the disruption being in hospital can have on children and their families by investing in the latest research, treatments, programs and equipment to decrease the amount of time they are away from the familiarity and comforts of everyday life.

Hospitals United for Sick Kids is here for all kids, all diseases and all injuries.

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In just 4 years, Hospitals United for Sick Kids have fuelled $7 million into 71 projects, touching 438,000 children across Australia. Data-driven therapies, cutting-edge equipment, innovative programs – their pillars and projects are transforming healthcare for sick kids, allowing them to be kids first and patients later.

Did you know 90% of children in hospital experience some level of homesickness?
Here's how you can help them...

Lowes Bucket Hats

From the 27th of November, $10 from every bucket hat sold supports sick kids – helping them get home, back to the things they miss.

Sause for support!

You can buy Mum's Sause pasta and pizza sauce from Coles Supermarkets in Canberra, with funds raised benefitting paediatric patients at the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children. Look for products with the Hospitals United For Sick Kids logo.

$2 Coles Hospitals United For Sick Kids Card Campaign

Every year in March you can buy a $2 Coles Hospitals United For Sick Kids Card in any Coles supermarket in Canberra to help raise funds for sick kids in our community.

Your Impact

The EVT Digital Play Project has transformed the pediatric patient experience by providing essential tools for distraction and comfort for young patients. This includes Smileyscopes, virtual reality headsets that ease the stress of medical procedures through distraction, Storytime Pods for engaging, educational content, a mobile projector system to bring joy to waiting rooms, and BUZZY, a pain-relief device.

These innovations make a real difference, helping children and young people cope with medical procedures and hospital stays.

The impact of these tools extends for up to 10 years, ensuring a decade of support for our young patients. This initiative is about improving their healthcare journey and making it as positive as possible.

"Give them a reason to smile!"

"Nursing staff were supportive of my child having bloods taken. The nurse was gentle and assisted with removing his emla dressing. We were able to use the Smiley Scope during his venepuncture which made a significant improvement to how he coped. Normally blood tests are very distressing to him. The Smileyscope VR set allowed him to be distracted and not see the needle. He was calm throughout the nurses were gentle and quick and afterwards praised him for how he went. This experience has significantly reduced his anxiety around tests and hospital. Thank you for you care."

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