Handmade with love from Tuggeranong Valley...

Morning Tea at Tuggeranong Valley Women's Neighbourhood Group

04 Apr 2022

Our crafting community offer such wonderful support, through donations of handmade comfort items, which provide an ongoing connection between patients, their families and healthcare workers. The joy created by their creativity and dedication is immeasurable and has brightened the spirits of all who receive an item made with love and care.

Recently Steve, our new receptionist, had an opportunity to find out first-hand about the time and effort that goes into making the blankets, toys and more that we receive as donations.

"Today was my first outing as the new receptionist for Canberra Hospital Foundation. I had the absolute pleasure of visiting the wonderful ladies at the Tuggeranong Valley Women’s Neighbourhood Group for an introduction and a lovely morning tea put on by the ladies.

I was greeted at the door of the Gumnut Cottage by Marlene Keltie, whom I had been in contact with prior to meeting for the morning tea. She took me inside the cottage where the rest of the members were already busy knitting away and chatting amongst themselves.

Along with Marlene I had the pleasure of meeting Janice, Gayle and Susan, just a few of the many members who usually attend craft group at the cottage. They were very friendly and welcoming to this wide-eyed visitor, who could not knit a single loop if I tried!

We spoke about where we are all from, plus discussions on politics, the devastating floods and the price of tea in China. All bases were covered, you could say.

The ladies had prepared four large bags of comfort items to be taken back to the Canberra Hospital Foundation shopfront for distribution to patients, including knitted blankets, soft toys and beanies. All beautifully crafted by the group.

I certainly had a lovely time with the ladies and expressed deep gratitude on behalf of the patients and family members who will greatly benefit from their kind donations. I look forward to the next time I can catch up with the group and I might even bake them a fruit cake."