You can offer comfort at the end of life...

How we support end of life - Palliative Care Week 2021

02 Jun 2021

Last week was National Palliative Care Week, so we thought it was a great opportunity to shed light on the impact of comfort care items for the End of Life, which are funded through your support of the Foundation.

'You make the care so personal,’ said one person who was able to choose having soft lights and a special sideboard covering on which to put things of meaning to them.

'Having LED Candles, along with a diffuser with their choice of oil along with a beautiful quilt helped us feel calmer when Dad died.'

‘Lying beside them on the cuddle bed made a phenomenal difference.’

"We know from feedback like this that being able to provide simple yet meaningful and practical resources can make a huge difference to someone who may be in their last days, as well as their family" says Toni Ashmore, Senior Project Manager, Territory Wide Palliative Care.

"Thank you Canberra Hospital Foundation and the Canberra community for giving so generously!"