JBC, age under 12


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My Updates

Super doctor!

"Super-doctor" is the leader of the super hero team.  


This cafe is open to the public but a lady is being arrested for not wearing a mask.

Mini Floriade

Around Canberra Floriade is taking shape in mini gardens.

Daily Press Conference

Daily press conference is underway with Chief Minister Barr, Health Minister Stephen-Smith and Chief Health Officer Dr Coleman announcing the day's news.  

Vaccination Clinic

People line up to get vaccinated.


Super-sanitiser is jumping on the mech in an attempt to free the hostage.

Breaking News

Dan Bourchier interviews Ken Behrens in front of the hospital.


Dr COVID has taken an innocent pedestrian hostage and taken off his mask to increase the spread of COVID.

Vaccine Guy

Vaccine Guy is running to help the others.

Mask Man

Mask man is ready for battle.


Ambulances rush to the scene!

The Canberra Hospital

The hospital is prepared to face a pandemic.

Dr COVID attacks Canberra

In his "mech" Dr COVID is attempting to take over Canberra.  Superheroes attack him.

Dr COVID attacks Canberra

Canberra is under attack from the evil Dr COVID.  

My Amazing Supporters


Mary Pollard


Andrew Lee

That's a fantastic build, I loved the detail of the hospital and the superhero team!


Oliver, Lisa And Leo

Nice work team!


Superspreader Covid

Always be careful! Wear a mask and obey the doctor’s


Annie Mckean

Well done! Looks amazing



Fantastic job JBC! Well done!


Bremstaller Family

Great! Very clever and detailed. Love the inclusion of the superhero theme.


Alex Konrad

What an amazing build, kids! You should be so proud of yourselves!! Totally awesome!!!


Lisa Sullivan

These creations are amazing!! Well done


Ken Behrens

Spot on kids!


Lainie Shorthouse


Isabel Lee

What a fantastic job! Well done team🥰


Brandon Nguyen

Keep building!


Lisa Schmierer

Well done, guys!


Amy Konrad


Rhinos Fc

Our team is stoked to see your build! : )


Mr Flynn

Love the Lego and I love the cause :)


Annie Konrad

Such good jobs JBC. We are so proud of you all Love from Uncle Jono ,Auntie Annie and cousin Ethan.


Carolyn Katsoulis

So cool!!! 😎



Hey Jamie, Thanks for sharing this with me!