Richard Rolfe's Big Wig Team

CAN GIVE DAY 2022 Big Wig Challenge

ONE BIG DAY TO GIVE BACK! Please support us, help change lives...

This CAN GIVE DAY we are fundraising for the Big Wig Challenge! A select group of community leaders will abseil down a building at Canberra Hospital on Friday 21st October. But first they must raise a $10,000 Entry Fee. It's all for a great cause!

We want our Big Wig, Richard Rolfe of Rolfe Motors, to take the leap, so please donate to this Team to ensure he meets the target.

We want to give patients and their families comfort, understanding and hope through their time in hospital or during treatment, and acknowledge the hard work and dedication of Canberra’s healthcare teams.

You can donate to us and help support exceptional patient care for people in our community, which includes the surrounding region. 

Funds raised go to support research, therapeutic programs, transformations of away-from-bed areas, and the purchase of speciality medical equipment, which enhances the patient experience throughout the year.

Please support our fundraising by making a tax-deductible donation to the Canberra Hospital Foundation for CAN GIVE DAY.

Our Supporters



You have been with me every step of the way for the last 35 years and I love that you are prepared to jump off a building with me, Deb xxx


Bronwyn Fagan

Love your work RR! A superstar as always!!! 💪🙌


Helen Falla

Thank you Richard you are amazing! Enjoy your ‘drop’ !!!


Greg Turrell



Tony Curtis

Remember to stay the right way up!


Julie Beuth

This is a MUST SEE!


Mags Candon

Hope we get to see this 🥰


Corinne Smith

Best of luck RR!!


Liz Bartlam



Amazing but I can't help thinking that you're crazy :) xx


George Jacob

Inspired by you folks and the legend Chris Cairns - onya Cairnsy and all the folks supporting this cause.

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