Become a Hospital Hero

Across Canberra, people are coming together with a common goal to help people who are unwell and in hospital. When you become a Hospital Hero, you channel your imagination, your ideas and your energy to make a difference. Fundraising is a fun and rewarding way to make a positive impact on the lives of the 1,000’s of people in your community cared for by Canberra Health Services. Become a supporter of the Canberra Hospital Foundation today and help make a true difference for your community.  

Its easy to become a Hospital Hero

There are no limits to the ways you can get involved in supporting patients through the Canberra Hospital Foundation. Our online tools make registration and fundraising easy! In just a few simple steps you can create your own fundraising profile and start your campaign, inviting friends, family and colleagues to donate.

[Subheading] Its fun and its rewarding

Whether you know someone in hospital, have been a patient yourself or you just want to support a good cause, becoming a Hospital Hero is a fantastic way to show your support and make a difference to people in our community who are unwell.

[Subheading] It starts with you

You can help patients who are unwell from the ACT and surrounding regions with your own Hospital Hero campaign. Our tools and guidelines are here to help, and you will be part of our team, sharing our vision to support patients through new technology and equipment, therapeutic programs, transformations of clinical spaces and research.

[Subheading] Why should I become a Hospital Hero?

Everyday there are countless people accessing Canberra Health Services, from newborn patients who need care in the NICU to aged care patients suffering from dementia and cognitive impairments. When you become a Hospital Hero, you are supporting your family, your friends, your community – anyone who is unwell in Canberra Hospital, and anyone who may fall unwell in the future and need to access Canberra Health Services. Not only are you supporting patients, but you will also support those who have a loved one in hospital. Becoming a Hospital Hero makes it easy to contribute and show your support through fundraising.

[Subheading] How can I become a Hospital Hero?

Step 1: Make the choice

You can choose to put on a true “Do It Yourself” event, where you put your creativity skills to work and fully design your fundraiser, or you can join one of our community events. We’ve created the framework and you have the flexibility to customise and make the fundraiser your own.

Step 2: Start now

Follow the simple 3 step registration to build your Hospital Hero campaign

Step 3: Personalise and update your Hospital Hero campaign

Set a fundraising goal, upload a photo or video and share your story to ignite the passion of your supporters

[Subheading] What are some ideas for your Hospital Hero campaign?

Stuck for an idea? You can turn just about any activity into a fundraising opportunity. Think about the things you enjoy doing the most.

Whatever it is – celebrating, music, running, cooking or something else – you can turn your passion into a campaign to support patients who are unwell. Take a 30-day challenge. Host a garage sale. Organise a trivia night. Or get creative by dedicating a birthday, hold a workplace morning tea or sing 80’s rock ballads for donations.

Celebrate a Birthday/ Anniversary

Many people turn their birthday or anniversary into a fundraiser for the Canberra Hospital Foundation. Simply create a personal fundraising page and tie it to a birthday or anniversary celebration, or a special holiday, and invite friends, family and colleagues to make a donation in lieu of gifts. Let them know that a gift to the Canberra Hospital Foundation is on your wish list!

Host an event

Everyone loves a parry and getting people together for fun and purpose makes for a memorable event.

Try a game night – everyone comes to your house to play board games, charades, etc. Provide entry for a donation and ask everyone to bring healthy snacks to share. Or invite your friends over for a night at the movies!

Put on a show

Do you love the holidays? Dedicate your home or office holiday display to changing patient’s lives. Decorate with lights and lawn ornaments in tribute to the Canberra Hospital Foundation and ask for donations from visitors.

You will need an official Authority to Fundraisie if you are going to collect donations personally. See our guidelines and toolkit to learn more.