Going above and beyond for fundraising!

Canberra Health Services Staff put the fun back in fundraising!

17 Oct 2022

This CAN GIVE DAY our Canberra Health Services teams are going above and beyond to help support our fundraising. There will be a range of activities and events this week and on the day, Friday 21 October.

The funds raised through CAN GIVE DAY support staff-led projects throughout the year! New projects and programs that enhance healthcare, including clinical trials and medical research in Canberra, therapeutic and supportive programs, transformations of away-from-bed areas, and the purchase of speciality medical equipment.

The Canberra Hospital Foundation is the only organisation that exists to raise funds to help support the delivery of exceptional patient care in all public hospitals and health centres in Canberra, including:

  • Canberra Hospital
  • Centenary Hospital for Women, Youth & Children
  • Calvary Public Hospital
  • Canberra Region Cancer Centre
  • University of Canberra Hospital
  • Community Health Centres and Walk in Centres across Canberra

Getting involved in CAN GIVE DAY is not only a way to support these projects and programs, but a great way to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of Canberra Health Services teams.

You can find a range of activities and offerings to support below to make an online donation to. Support a division or unit that means something to you and your family.

Unless you are a patient, visitor, volunteer or staff member who are onsite already, please be aware there are visitor restrictions in place for ACT health campuses. 

Thank you to our Canberra Health Services teams who have gone out of their way to support CAN GIVE DAY.

Introducing some of the CHS Staff Teams getting involved on CAN GIVE DAY

BreastScreen ACT Decorate a Bra Competition and Bra Walk

Cancer and Ambulatory Support

October is Australia's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a perfect time to support them. Details about the Decorate a Bra, and Bra Walk, on their Fundraising page!

CRCC Admin Raffle and Cake stall

Cancer and Ambulatory Support

You can be in the draw for a Nespresso Machine, Wine Hamper, Vouchers from Truefitt and Hill, Pamper Hamper, Quilts and more. If you are a patient, visitor or staff member, drop by the CRCC reception to buy tickets, or buy online (link below) by making a donation. Or come by the CRCC foyer on Fri 21 Oct from 09:30am to buy a sweet treat!

WYC Exec Team Toy Story Mania

Women, Youth & Children

As part of CAN GIVE DAY, the WYC Executive Team are dressing up as their favourite iconic Toy Story character. They are also having a Bake & Yard Sale between 10am - 2pm outside new Admin Building, and Lolly Guessing & Colouring in competitions, for staff, patient, family or volunteers onsite.

CAS Service Development Team Dreaming Quilt Raffle

Cancer and Ambulatory Support

Information about this raffle coming soon!

Central Health Intake Fundraising Raffle

Cancer and Ambulatory Support

Central Health Intake Team are having a CAN GIVE DAY raffle with some awesome prizes.

The raffle prizes are a range of custom hampers, you could be in the draw for just $5 per ticket.

Info Hub & IHSS Team

Infrastructure and Health Support Services

They keep our health campuses safe, secure, clean, modernised, they run projects and programs, and they tell us where to go!

GERItastic Team

Rehabilitation, Aged and Community Care

Our geriatrics teams who look after our elderly and vulnerable in our community. Let's give them a pat on the back by donating to their Fundraising Page.


Rehabilitation, Aged and Community Care

The University of Canberra Hospital Staff are teaming up for their annual Rehathlon, an obstacle course based on a range of rehab and health skills! Show your gratitude for all the greatwork they do and their enthusiasm... donate!

Cancer Nursing & Palliative Care Dress Up Day

Cancer and Ambulatory Support

It's Dress Up Day! The CHS Staff from Radiation Oncology, DTU, Haematology Outpatients, Palliative and Supportive Care, Level Two CRCC and both their wards will be having a dress up day on CAN GIVE DAY. 

Emergency Department Team

Critical Care

At the Emergency Department, the teams will do their best to make your stay as comfortable as possible, while giving you the care you need. Donating to their Fundraising Page is a great way to say thank you!

COVID Team Cultural Lunch

Cancer and Ambulatory Support

You can't join their lunch but you can show your gratitude for all they have done for our communtiy... by donating to their page and leaving a message of thanks.

Trauma Clowns

Critical Care

ACT Health Trauma Services will be wearing wigs and clown noses for donations on CAN GIVE DAY. You can show your support to these funny fellows now!

Walk In CentresTrash & Treasure

Cancer and Ambulatory Support

You can't buy from the Trash and Treasure but you can throw a donation in their fundraising bucket. A great way to say thank you to the teams at our Walk-in Centres who provide free health care for non-life threatening injuries and illnesses to our community.


Division of Surgery

What a team! Donating to their Fundraising Page for CAN GIVE DAY is a great way to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of this team. After all, where would we be without them?

Testing Times


It's been a challenging few years, and our Pathology Department has been there for us through thick and thin... time to show your appreciation by supporting their Fundraising Page here!

CHS People and Culture

People and Culture

It's been a challenging few years, and our People and Culture Team keep the staff going, so they can help our community. Donate to their Fundraising Page to say thanks for all that they do!

CHS Comms

Strategic Communication and Engagement

They keep us in the know and help get the right information to us at the right time. We'd be lost without them. Throw some dollars in their Fundraising Bucket to show you appreciate what they do. 


Medical Services

The Junior Medical Officers are a dedicated bunch who go above and beyond all the time, and now they are fundraising for CAN GIVE DAY. Show them some of your gratitude by donating to their Fundraising Page!

Acute Allied health

Allied Health Services

We're all in this together, and Allied Health teams know this well. Let's show much we appreciate all that they do to keep us going... donate to one of the Fundraising Pages below to say thank you.

"CAN GIVE DAY is vitally important, it gives us a chance to celebrate what we do and it gives a chance for the community to celebrate what we do... and to really own the health service. This is a community health service, and we really want the community to feel part of it. The bonus is that we get to raise funds that we really invest in things that make a difference to patients and their families."