Our wonderful Canberra community came together in 2020...

A message from CEO Helen Falla

21 Dec 2020

We are so grateful for your support this year; your generosity of spirit and kindness has been heart-warming and has extended far beyond what 2020 has thrown at our community.

What an incredibly challenging year it has been. The Black Summer bushfires, preceded by the drought a few months prior, and if that were not enough, the current worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

At the Canberra Hospital Foundation, we were excited and full of enthusiasm to see the Foundation become a separate entity in February this year. However, like many people and other organisations we had to adapt quickly to the challenges of COVID-19. We had to take unprecedented action, adapt our plans and programs for the year with our team temporarily working from home. As the coronavirus pandemic unfolded, the CareShare campaign was created to coordinate the outpouring of generosity to healthcare workers, whilst keeping everyone safe and respecting social distancing and infection control measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Our wonderful Canberra community came together to offer your thanks and support, this time to our healthcare workers, by sharing more than 3600 individual gifts or meals across more than 90 areas of the hospitals and community centers; this equates to an overall in-kind value of greater than $68,000! A beautiful act of kindness. 

We were overwhelmed by the generosity received both throughout the height of the pandemic and at our inaugural Can Give Day held recently.

Canberrans came together to help raise an incredible $305,000 within a 24-hour period! A fun-filled day which included our Ambassador Leo Sayer performing at a live-streamed concert and over 21 areas of the hospital taking up the opportunity to engage in activities that caused a lot of laughs and smiles at every corner of the campus – just what the doctor ordered after a very difficult year. Our webpage provides you with a glimpse in to the day.

Despite the challenges of the year, importantly new and stronger relationships have been built; we acknowledge, honour and respect that only by working together can we find solutions to overcome unprecedented challenges. Above all, the front-line healthcare workers are the real heroes during this pandemic and, in reality each and every day of the year, as they care for patients requiring hospitalisation or treatment.

We send a very warm and sincere thank you to you; we could not do what we do without your kindness, help and support. Your generosity has enabled us to make a positive difference to the hospital experience and health of patients in our local community and to keep going despite the challenges faced.

On behalf of every person your kindness has touched thank you for being Life Giving and helping to achieve significant outcomes and progress towards major projects.  

Wishing you and yours a safe, happy and relaxing holiday season.

Canberra Hospital Foundation CEO

Helen Falla