Fundraising During Covid-19

There are a ton of ways to have fun and raise funds to support patients and our healthcare heroes, even in lockdown.

The coronavirus pandemic has put on hold many key fundraising activities including bike rides, gala dinners and other in person events. This doesn’t have to stop you fundraising while still observing self-isolation rules. Even as restrictions start to lift people will be a little hesitant going out in large groups or to mass gatherings so here are some ideas to keep you raising funds during this time.

Virtual Events

Host a virtual event – there are many platforms available to do this - and ask for a donation to attend.

Here are some ideas:

  • Virtual Happy Hour – teach your attendees how to make some whizz bang cocktails on a Friday night. Send the list ahead of time so people can join in the fun. This might be free to attend and as the night goes on you can encourage them to donate to your cause.

  • Online Yoga – do you have a flexible friend? See if they would be interested in hosting an online session for your friends. Charge a fee to participants and enjoy a Zen-like experience together.

  • Zoom Trivia Night – Gather together groups of 2, set up a Zoom meeting and create a Trivia Game. Checkout Sporcle. You can charge an entry fee to participate and encourage additional donations throughout the night. Add a theme to spice things up and give prizes for best dressed.

  • Online cooking class – pick your best meal, send the list to your friends so they can cook with you, and away you go. Charge a ‘demonstration’ fee and run your cooking class via an online platform like zoom.

  • Virtual wine tasting – become a wine expert and take your friends on the journey at the same time. Give them a list of wine (check out a local supplier like Plonk!) to buy and conduct a virtual tasting event!

  • Pyjama Ball – a night of giving in your jammies! With Facebook Live now in full swing, you can broadcast your event to attendees and raise money through live auctions, online auctions and donations. Be sure to incorporate interactive activities to keep your attendees engaged and online. Live Q&A, auctions.

  • Virtual Run/Walk – create a route or use Map My Run to encourage your friends and family to get out and about. Set a challenge to walk 100km in 10 days or cycle 500km in any given month. They pay a registration fee and you can even get them to fundraise on your behalf. Peer to peer fundraising is a great way to spread the load.

  • Virtual Wine and Paint night – grab a bottle of wine, your best buds and a canvas and run a wine and paint night. Choose a subject and get into the artistic zone as you enjoy a glass of your favourite wine while you paint and chat. You can charge a fee to participate and perhaps even auction off the final paintings.

Create a challenge on Social Media

Set a challenge, make a donation and invite others to take on the challenge in an attempt to spread your message further and wider through your network. An example of this is the Run 5, Donate 5, Nominate 5 concept in the UK to raise money for NHS. And I’m sure you all remember the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Donate your commute, coffee or lunch

People are saving money on their daily commute ($12million a day in Australia alone), morning coffee and lunch so now is a great time to encourage them to donate a portion of this to charity. This could be a simple call out on your socials directing them to your Facebook Fundraiser.

Clear out unwanted items and raise funds

I think we’re all guilty of using this period of social isolation for a good decluttering. Rather than send your items to landfill, think about setting up a virtual marketplace, or sell large items on ebay/gumtree to raise some dollars.

Give it up Challenge

Everyone has a vice – whether its chocolate, coffee or the post-work glass of wine. Set up a “Give it Up Challenge” within your community and ask your supporters to pledge that they will give up their guilty pleasure for a certain amount of time. All of the money they save is donated to your fundraising.

Birthday Fundraisers

An oldie but a goodie. Birthday fundraisers are very widely successful online fundraising strategies. Simply invite people to make a donation to your page for your birthday. If you’re turning 32, you can invite all of your friends to make a $32 donation to your fundraising page in lieu of gifts.

Virtual Raffle

Just like a traditional raffle but not… get yourself a great prize package and start selling tickets! There are online platforms that you can use to sell tickets, or simply invite people to make a donation and they will go in the draw to win.